WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD: “Exceptional—outstanding in every regard — writing, plot, dialogue, suspense, humor, a vivid sense of place.” Read the Full Review

NEW YORK TIMES: “High, dry and severely beautiful…Anderson is a fine storyteller.”
– The New York Times Book Review, Marilyn Stasio, Sunday February 15th, 2015 – Read the Full Review

KIRKUS REVIEWS: “The great tradition of hard-boiled crime novels finds new and promising territory in the Utah desert.  Carrying its own cult following after having been published independently last year, this debut novel is a stirring, atmospheric, and even mildly surreal variation on the “mean streets” detective fiction of Raymond Chandler… a witty, rollicking, and somewhat bent mystery/romance… the beginning of a beautiful series.”  Read the Full Review

HUFFINGTON POST: “Anderson’s first novel…is a great one…(with) genius in creating characters that stay with you…They creep into your brain and settle in for a lengthy visit. You have not read a book like The Never-Open Desert Diner in a long time, if ever. Once you open its pages you will know you are in for something surprisingly enjoyable.” – Read the Full Review

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE: “James Anderson’s unusually literary crime novel takes its atmosphere from the shifting power of the desert light on a quiet highway in central Utah.” – Read the Full Review/Interview

SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL: “In this fine debut, James Anderson’s graceful prose and evocative look at the desert elevate this untraditional mystery that would be kin to novels by James Sallis and the late Jim Crumley…” – Read the Full Review by Oline H. Cogdill

“BC” BLOGCRITIC: “(a) remarkable piece work. A great book for your library one you could read again and again only to gain just one more morsel missed in the first pass.” – Read the Full Review

BLOG PRINTRead the Full Interview with Lisa Haselton



MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL: “Absorbing…an extraordinary debut.” Read the Full Review

BOOKREPORTER.COM: “With the release of The Never-Open Desert Diner by James Anderson the literary world has received a gift in the vein of James Lee Burke…(this) the novel had me turning pages until none were left…” Read Entire Review

POP MATTERS: Beautifully written with a delicate sense of humor…a book with this kind of subtly, lyricism, and quiet intensity isn’t just appreciated — it’s restorative.” Read Entire Review

MYSTERY SCENE MAGAZINE: “Brilliant…Seldom has (this reviewer) read a novel more affecting (or) encountered such memorable characters.”

PROSE & CONS MAGAZINE: “We predict The Never-Open Desert Diner will be one of the best books you read in 2015.” Read Entire Interview and Review

LIBRARY JOURNAL: “Like a flash flood…once the action begins it’s nonstop. Readers… will want to join the ride.” Read Entire Review 

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: “…distills the heat and shimmering haze of the Utah desert into a fine first novel.” Read Entire Review

NICOLA MILLER (UK): Haunting…Accomplished.” Read Entire Review

BOOKLIST: ” Effective…and unusual reading experience.”

BOOKVIEWS: “Grabs your attention…Exciting? It is!” Read Entire Review

TAMPA BAY TIMES INTERVIEW: “What’s James Anderson reading?” Read Entire Interview

FIONA MCVIE: Read Entire Print Interview

WILLIAM KENOWER – Listen to the Author-to-Author Interview


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